Redoxon® Vita Immune effervescent


Commuting, pollution, a hectic life, a crowded place, your immune system is active all year round.

Even though you may not feel it, your immune system works 24 hours a day and needs regular nourishment to support your body’s defence system. Redoxon® Vita Immune is an daily multivitamin designed to help provide day to day support for your immune system with added antioxidant protection .

Nutritional Information

per effervescent tablet
Vitamin C 1000mg
Vitamin A 2333IU
Vitamin D 400IU
Vitamin E 45mg
Vitamin B6 6.5mg
Vitamin B12 9.6μg
Folic Acid 400μg
Zinc 10mg
Iron 5mg
Copper 900μg
Selenium 110μg

Sweetened with aspartame. Suitable for diabetics


Adults: One tablet daily.

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