Frequently asked questions about Redoxon®

Is Redoxon® suitable to take every day?

Yes, Provided its taken as indicated

Does Redoxon® contain sugar?

Our effervescent tablets generally contain artificial sweeteners and no added sugar. For example, each Redoxon® Triple Action Effervescent tablet, on the average, contains around 0.036g of sugar.

All our Redoxon® gummies contain sugar and for individuals with diabetes, we suggest you speak with a healthcare professional to get further advice as to whether the product is suitable for you.

Is Redoxon® safe to take during pregnancy or lactation?

Women who are pregnant or lactating should consult their GP, midwife or pharmacist before taking Redoxon®.

Is Redoxon® suitable for children?

Redoxon® (Triple Action/ Vita Immune/C+Calcium+D) effervescent tablets are suitable for children over 12 years. It is not intended for use in children under 12 years.

We also offer a range of products such as Vitamin C chewable tablets and gummies, Double Action chewable tablets, Triple Action gummies and Vita Immune gummies specifically designed for children under 12.

Is it Halal certified?

No. The products are not halal certified but ALL products does not contains pork except Kids Vitamin C and Vita Immune Gummies.

The Vitamin C and Vita Immune Kids Gummies contains gelatin made from porcine source.

Where can I find out more about vitamins and minerals?

The following websites provide useful information about vitamins and minerals:

  • HSIS, the Health Supplements Information Service, is an educational programme that presents the facts about food supplements in a simple, straightforward way with useful information about vitamins and minerals.

  • Live Well The NHS Choice website providing guidance on vitamins and minerals.

  • Linus Pauling Institute.

Health Promotion Board of Singapore